Why you need an Influence Navigator Plan.

The foundation of your influencer marketing strategy.

Digital media is more important than ever.

People are spending less time consuming traditional media and more time wth digital media. Traditional marketing and PR won’t help you reach the most coveted online audience.

Less sharing, more content

People are sharing less on social media, while content available for sharing has grown exponentially. Simply creating more awesome content won’t solve your attention problem.

Organic reach is declining

Organic reach is declining as social network monetize their audiences. Sure, you can buy ads, but you can’t buy hearts and minds – you can’t but real engagement – with advertising.

The Solution: Influence Navigator Plan

The Influence Navigator Plan empowers you to overcome these challenges by building your visibility and credibility among social media influencers in your industry. It tells you who to target, what content to share, and how to build thought leadership for your business and brand.

Deliverables include:

Listing of hundreds of top social media influencers in your industry
Optimization of your social network profiles
Customized content strategy and editorial calendar
Sample curated content for you to share in social networks
Step-by-step outreach and engagement plan.