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Fintech podcasts you may not know yet

Podcasts have been growing in popularity for several years now. They are a great way to share insights and knowledge while you’re doing something else – like commuting to the office (remember when we used to do that) or walking or even working out.

Finance podcasts are booming. Many of the most well-known finance podcasts are probably already on your radar – Breaking Banks by Brett King (with Jason Henricks, Ron Shevlin and J.P. Nicols), Banking Transformed by Jim Marous, Fintech Insider by 11FS, One Vision by Theo Lau, Brad Leimer and Arun Krishnakumar, and Bank on It, one of the longest-running finance podcasts, by John Siracusa.

We went looking for more fintech and finance podcasts and came across a bunch of others (many that were new to us) that are worth your attention too. We’ve highlighted 16 below that we would recommend checking out.

Let me know if we’ve missed anything you think should be on this list!

Fintech Beat

Host: Chris Brummer (@ChrisBrummerDr)

Podcast description: Welcome to Fintech Beat, the intersection of finance, technology, policy and regulation. Each episode features the latest trends, movers and shakers, ideas and policies in financial technology. Host Chris Brummer, a Georgetown law professor and world-renowned fintech expert, partners with the CQ Roll Call newsroom — Washington’s leader for nonpartisan legislative and regulatory analysis — to bring insights that make this a must-listen for anyone interested in finance.

The Money Pot

Hosts: Rachel Morrissey (@toughbunny1), Roland Bodenham (@RolandBodenham) and Sanjib Kalita (@Paymentalist)

Podcast description: The Moneypot is a new podcast from Money20/20, discussing the forces and ideas shaping the future of money.


Host: Lou Carlozo (@LouCarlozo63)

Podcast description: After amassing 120K listens on his previous banking podcast for BAI, Lou Carlozo is taking his game to a new level. Award-winning journalist, Pulitzer Prize finalist, composer and performer of all the Bankadelic music, Lou is an intrepid interviewer and, apparently, a pizza fanatic.

For Fintech’s Sake

Host: Zach Anderson Pettet (@zachpettet)

Podcast description: For Fintech’s Sake is a broad look at the world of fintech. Host Zach Anderson Pettet explores the stories at the intersection of finance and technology from the perspectives of Founders, Investors, and Incumbents.

Innovating Advice

Host: Kate Holmes (@Kate_Holmes)

Podcast description: The show for forward-thinking financial advisers, financial planners and related professionals from all corners of the globe. Featuring innovative and action-oriented guests worldwide discussing the latest in practice management strategies and technology, fintech and FPtech (financial planning technology), diversity, business models and fee structures, and shifting consumer expectations.

London Fintech Podcast

Host: Mike Baliman

Podcast description: Interviews with key players in the London FinTech scene. It really is a Golden Age of Innovation in Financial Services. Perhaps even larger than the last wave of innovation starting around Big Bang time in the 1980s.

It is a once in a lifetime epochal shift. Who will be the Financial Services equivalents of amazon, google, Facebook? Whoever they will be they will have captured a huge territory and will become the new, difficult to dislodge incumbents. How will this affect banking, insurance and the rest of Financial Services? Who are the people raiding the citadel? What are their stories?

Wharton FinTech

Hosts: Wharton FinTech student team

Podcast description: The Wharton FinTech Podcast discusses the trends, topics and ideas that are reshaping financial services globally. It features founders, investors, students and thinkers from the world of FinTech with unique perspectives.

Tearsheet Podcast: the Business of Finance

Host: Zack Miller (@newrulesinvest)

Podcast description: Tearsheet Podcast is the podcast of record for news and opinion about the finance industry. Weekly, we identify, track, and analyze top trends impacting the business of finance, with an eye on the digital disruption wrought by fintech and new financial technology.

Lend Academy

Host: Peter Renton (@LendAcademy)

Podcast description: The Lend Academy Podcast is the first and most popular podcast dedicated exclusively to lending and fintech. Peter Renton, Lend Academy founder and LendIt co-founder, interviews fintech leaders about what is happening in their business, the industry and their views on the future. Whether you are just finding out about fintech or have been involved in the industry for a decade you will learn something new here every week.


Fintech Unfiltered

Hosts: Bank Innovation team

Podcast description: The new podcast covering current trends and intriguing topics in fintech and beyond courtesy of Bank Innovation, the fintech blog and INV Fintech, a leading fintech accelerator.


NAKED by The Future Farm

Hosts: Vladimira Mesko Briestenska and Nektarios Liolios (@nekliolios)

Podcast description: Starting your own business is thrilling. The adventure, the purpose, the ambition, the money, the recognition. But what personal truths are exposed when you start to peel back the layers?

Join The Future Farm’s Vladi and Nektarios, in a “naked” conversation with the people who have been through it all. We’ll talk to business founders, investors, life partners and other ecosystem players about the personal challenges that business builders face when pursuing their dreams and passions.


FinTech Futures Podcast: What The Fintech?

Hosts: Alex Hamilton (@ADHamilton91) and Sharon Kimathi

Podcast description: FinTech Futures was founded as Banking Technology Magazine in the 1980s. This podcast discusses trending topics, with our guests sharing useful insights and strong opinions from their area of expertise, and ruthlessly banishing buzzwords to our fintech jailhouse.


OpenFin MVP Podcast

Hosts: OpenFin Team

Podcast description: Join the OpenFin team as they discuss finance, tech and entrepreneurship with thought leaders from Wall Street and Silicon Valley.


The Twenty Minute VC

Host: Harry Stebbings (@HarryStebbings)

Podcast description: On this podcast, discover how you can attain funding for your business by listening to what the most prominent investors are directly looking for in startups, providing easily actionable tips and tricks that can be put in place to increase your chances of getting funded. Although, you may not want to raise funding for a startup. The Twenty Minute VC also provides an instructional guide as to what it takes to get employed in the Venture Capital industry, with VCs giving specific advice on how to get noticed from the crowd and increasing your chances of employment. If that wasn’t enough our amazing Venture Capitalists also provide their analysis of the current technology market, providing advice and suggestions on the latest investing trends and predictions.


Barefoot Innovation Podcast

Host: Jo Ann Barefoot (@JoAnnBarefoot)

Podcast description: This podcast discusses disrupting innovation in the financial services sector and beyond.


a16z Podcast

Host: Andreesen Horowitz team

Podcast description: The a16z Podcast is well known, but not seen as a fintech podcast, perhaps. It discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future – especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world.

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