9 takeaways from #MercerChats on #DigitalTransformation in #Finserv and #Fintech

Wow, what an exciting Twitter Chat today about the effect of digital transformation on fintech and financial services!

In case you missed the most productive hour you could have spent online today, here are the top 9 takeaways I got from today’s #MercerChats.

1. Disruption is the new norm in finserv.

2. Hybrid cloud and RPA is low-hanging fruit of digital transformation.

3. We can move from borrowing to saving culture if we give people the right tools and information.

4. We are not homogenous. Neither should be our solutions.

5. In the future banking will be done for us.

6. But when AI takes care of your email inbox? That’s Nirvana.

7. Fintech is accelerating financial inclusion which has many benefits, including creating opportunities for entrepreneurship in many overlooked places.

8. Trends in banking? Jim Marous drops the mic with the definitive trend post for 2019!

9. Greatest source of innovation is our empathy.


Big round of applause for Mercer and all the insights by the guests of the #MercerChats today: @alvinfoo, @psb_dc, @leimer, @SpirosMargaris, @JimMarous, @TamaraMcCleary, @guzmand and @salaryfin!

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