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Very good overview of how to use curated content as part of your content strategy in this article on the Hootsuite site. I’ve written a few pieces on how to curate content and why I think it’s so important.

But really, is “saving time” the best argument for curating content? No. Not even close.

Good curation takes time and skill and it’s crucially important to your business, whether it’s large or small.

Why? Here are three better reasons than saving time: relevance, visibility, and authority.

Your target market is busy and they need to stay informed. Good curation leverages other people’s great content to keep your audience up-to-date on relevant topics to them. Since you’re consistently delivering this content to your audience, you’re seen as relevant too. And you are deemed to have some authority in your market space when you are consistently sharing the best content. Even better, you’re visible to your audience precisely because you are delivering relevant content to them.

Your audience will pay attention when you give the information they want and they’ll ignore you when you try to make them be interested in your marketing.

But the best reason for curating is NOT because it saves YOU time, but because it saves your audience their precious time. Curating and sharing great content is a strategy inherently focused on your audience, your prospects and your customers. It’s not all about you and your business and your marketing objectives.

If you take care of your audience, if you help them find relevant information that keeps them up-to-date on key developments in their/your industry, then you win too!

Stop being so focused on YOUR marketing objectives and help your clients solve their problems.

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