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6 advisors winning with digital and social strategies

Over the past decade, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks have eclipsed desktop computers to become the most widely used consumer technology on the planet.

In my research for the cover story of Advocis FORUM June/July 2016 technology edition, I spoke with many financial professions and highlight six advisors who are using technology effectively to move their businesses forward in the 21st century.

Here’s a brief summary of each of the featured advisors:

Natalie Jamison: Tweeting for AUM

Natalie Jamison started tweeting in 2009 and has had enormous success. Right from the start, she recognized the value of building a community in this social network – instead of just trolling for leads. The result: Jamison attributes $3 million in assets under management (AUM) just to relationships that came from her Twitter activity.

Ron Malis: Carving out a niche

Ron Malis is effectively using online webinars, email lists and Facebook social networking to deliver informative presentations to his target audience while replacing traditional marketing strategies. The result: Malis has carved out a distinct niche for himself as a financial advisor specializing in helping families and children with disabilities.

Shannon Lee Simmons: The future of financial services

After five minutes talking with Shannon Lee Simmons, I could see the future of financial services. Whether it’s visualizing her financial planning services on Pinterest or consulting with clients on the other side of the country via video conferencing or delivering educational content via her New School of Finance, Simmons is leveraging all the tools of her generation to deliver value to her target market. The result: we’ll all be seeing a lot more of Simmons Lee Simmons in the years to come!

Doug Dahmer: Retirement income optimizer

Doug Dahmer had been helping people optimize their retirement income as part of his financial planning practice for years. However, when he built a self-serve calculator and put it on the web, he knew he was onto something big. The result: Dahmer has used digital (and some traditional) media to fill his sales pipeline and service clients across the country.

Christine LaLiberté: Digital tools in a traditional practice

Christine LaLiberté’s practice is built on traditional values such as trust, hard work and families. Her practice does not particularly cater to Millennials or digital natives, yet she has found an effective way to leverage digital tools and social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, in ways that complement her practice and draw her clients closer to her. The result: LaLiberté shows that digital tools can benefit virtually any well-managed financial practice.

Lawrence Ian Geller: Paying it forward

Lawrence Ian Geller owns and operates For Advisors Only (FAO), an email discussion board and website that features news and information about the insurance and financial services industries in Canada and elsewhere around the world. Geller’s use of digital technology is primarily focused on helping other independent advisors keep abreast of key developments in their industry. The result: Geller has built one of the go-to resources for financial professionals in Canada.

View the full article in Advocis FORUM Magazine (June/July 2016).


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