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Three words for 2015

Each year, Chris Brogan eschews new year’s resolutions and instead picks three words at the beginning of the year and uses them as themes to guide his actions through the year. You can see Chris’ 3 words for 2015 and previous years here. (And if you don’t know Chris’ work, you may want to read this.)

I’ve done the same this year and I want to share my word/themes with you.


For me, and I think for many of us, online security will be an important theme this year. In fact, all kinds of security – political, financial, as well as technological – seem to be in the forefront of my mind. I will strive to increase my knowledge of online security practices and ensure I am doing everything I can to secure my online life, while helping others to do the same.


Building and maintaining effective digital platforms is emerging as a guiding strategy for my work. This year, I will focus my efforts around helping people realize the benefits of a robust digital platform built around publishing, curating and engaging others with great content.


I’ve been thinking about writing a book for years and made several half-hearted attempts. This year, I will strive to distill my ideas into some sort of long-form volume that can be consumed by readers. Whether I product a traditional book or not, the important idea here is to focus on producing some sort of collection of my best ideas and practical experience.

I would love hearing about your 3 words for 2015. Please reach out and share them in the comments below or via an email.

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