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Content marketing is mostly about the content, but sometimes it’s also about the presentation

I stumbled upon a great sounding article today. It was supposed to be about tech trends driving the HNW experience in 2014.

But I never got to read the article because the layout was so bad. It was so bad that I wrote this rant on Google+:

The article headline attracted me, but I didn’t read the article. I couldn’t figure out where the text was!

It was not immediately obvious to me that the “content” of the story would be in a little grey box in the right column on top of the ads. Who does that?!

I’ve seen other slide presentations of article content and generally they suck, though some are better than others. This is the worst ever!

The publisher probably thinks they’re so clever by placing the content right above the ads and forcing the user to click to read each paragraph and display another ad.


This kind of poor user experience makes people turn around and walk away. Why would I fight with a bad layout when there are so many excellent sources of content out there and they are laid out beautifully?

The answer is, I won’t. And next time I see an article on this website, I will hesitate to click because I feel like they cheated me last time and failed to deliver the good for the time I invested.

Wake up online publishers. Your audience is sophisticated and fickle and we don’t like being used.

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