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Links to share – 10 stealth economic trends that rule the world

Great content to share in your social networks this week:

10 stealth economic trends that rule the world (The Atlantic)

Myths and facts of a changing global economy. Great read for broad-thinking investors.

5 ways robo-advisors are changing your world (SEI)

I’m not a fan of the term “robo-advisor” but if you are a human advisor (or know one), this is must reading.

The political economy of zombies (Airship Daily)

Look, I hate the zombie meme more than you do, but this piece finally made some sense of it for me. guide to being a great investor (

Great post with insight for anyone who gives someone else their money in the hopes of getting more back.

Six tips for fitting social media into a packed schedule (Marketing Profs)

This post took the words right out of my mouth. These tips really work – I use them!

An open letter to anyone under 30 (Motley Fool)

They used to say don’t trust anyone over 30, but on this point you under-thirtysomethings should make an exception.

How to design a to-do list that works (Buffer)

Add this to your list of things to read 😉


If you’re struggling with a man cold (or know someone who is) you’ll need to watch this:

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