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Links and leaders – 19 Sept 2013

Here are a list of great links you can share in your social networks and thought leaders you should be following.

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Why investment performance is a distraction (
A well-written case for performance as a consequence not a goal. Invest based on a sound process. Wide appeal for any investor or business person.

Crazy talk (Morningstar)
Buy and hold is the furthest thing from dead.

15 biases that make you do dumb things with your money (Motley Fool)
Nothing new on the investor psychology front, but it’s always nice to be reminded of our predisposition to fallibility when it comes to managing our money.

Unofficial Goldman Sachs guide to being a man (Business Insider)
This post was on fire last week because it balances just the right amount of truth with cheek. Men AND women will love it…or hate it 😉

7 life hacks to increase productivity (Amex Open Forum)
Everyone wants to squeeze more out of a day, so start by getting to work early.

Carnival of dangerous ideas
Thoughtful post that taps the insights of numerous smart people.

A storm that reshaped the US economy (Wall Street Journal)

Follow these people

Jon Chevreau – Author of Findependence Day, Editor of Moneysense and shrewd finance news filter.
Michael Kitces – CFP, blogger and speaker, Michael is arguably the most prolific advisor on the Internet and very worth following.
April Rudin – Experienced marketer to HNW wealth managers and keen observer of #finserv space.
Augie Ray – Head of social for Prudential and keen observer of the customer experience online.
Victor Gaxiola – Social media subject matter expert for Actiance and thought leader for #advisors in social space.

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