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8 Tweetable quotes about content, influence and building social capital

Quotes make for great shareable content in social networks.

The best ones are truths – succinct and packed with meaning. They convey ideas that many of us are thinking and add value while cutting through the noise.

I’ve compiled some of my favourite and oft-used quotes to convey truths about content marketing.

Some of them I’ve absorbed from reading other peoples’ writing and ideas. Some I’ve synthesized on my own – or so I think. All writing, some would say, is rewriting.

Education is the new marketing.

Social networks are not fond of the guy handing out business cards online. He doesn’t add value. He’s only in it for himself. Helping someone learn is the best form of promotion. It’s generous and it adds value. Through the transfer of knowledge, the student engages profoundly with the teacher. [My source for this quote is Ilana Rabinowitz whose post by the same name is must reading.]

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

We are social beings. We do not make decisions about who to work with or buy from based on rational considerations only. Our emotions and feelings of connection with people affects our business decisions. Know, like and trust is the trinity of social business. [I can’t put a finger on where I came across this, but it’s potent.]

The terms B2B or B2C really don’t matter. Social is about P2P – person to person.

Jeremy Owyang said something very close to this in a video and I often repeat it. Whether we are using social in a business-to-business context or a consumer/retail context, we are always dealing with people and relationships. Social strategies that don’t get this will fail.

We listen to Twitter because it tells us what we’re thinking.

Twitter informs us about what’s happening in the world – and what we think about it. It’s a tool of thought leaders. If we are using it right, Twitter helps us tune into the signal and drown out the noise. If we are using it wrong, it’s just a new pipe into which we pour old wine. [I saw this on Twitter one day and retweeted it and received many subsequent retweets. It obviously struck a chord.]

Social media without strategy is like having a map and compass with no destination.

Social isn’t just about being nice to everyone all the time. And it isn’t about the tools or the tactics – they will wax and wane. Your success hinges on knowing who you are, where you’re going and who you need to influence to help you get there.

Strive to build social capital in the influence economy.

Likes, shares and retweets in social networks are currency exchanged for value. Social networks and networked content are concentrations of this value into assets. And the accumulation of goodwill and influence in the form of social capital is one of the ways we can monetize our social business activities.

Always thank people for paying you their attention.

Our attention is the scarcest commodity of all. When people give it to you, they are literally paying you with their attention. Be grateful. Deliver value. And always say please and thank you.

Stop measuring social media success solely in terms of how much you are GETTING and start focusing on how much you are GIVING.

Social is a conversation. It’s give and take. If you want return on investment from social engagement, focus as much on the investment as you do on the return. If your return is disappointing, maybe it’s a reflection on the quality of your investment.

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