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3 TED talks that influenced my views of education, leadership and global economic development

I stumbled upon a Quora discussion recently about which TED talks were the most influential and two of the three listed were already my faves!

If you haven’t seen these, you really must take some time and watch. They will open your mind to thinking differently about how we should be educating, leading and growing.

“The problem is not ignorance, but pre-conceived ideas.”

Hans Rossling uses lots of “big data” (before it was a buzzword) to show that our preconceptions about the developing world get in the way of us understanding what is really happening in the world economy. But the sub-text here is even more profound for me: how many other ways do our preconceived notions about everything get in the way of us apprehending the world for what it really is? This is a question that any serious person must grapple with.

The job of any leader is to awaken possibility in other people

Whether you’re a classical music fan or not, Ben Zander’s TED talk will open your mind and heart to the power of music to inspire.

Ostensibly about the power of classical music, Zander uses music to talk to people about how they interact with the world around them. This talk will awaken possibility in you about how you lead, how you parent and how you live in the world.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

We are products of our education system. Problem is, our education system was designed to support the industrial revolution – not to support intelligence and creativity.

Ken Robinson helps us wrap our head around the radical change necessary to revitalize our public education system to confront the challenges we face. Whether you have kids in preschool or university, or you have no kids but employ other peoples’ kids in your business, this conversation will matter enormously to you as it did to me.

If you like these ideas, check out the RSA Animate version of Ken Robinson’s idea on education.

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