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Top 10 financial mistakes young people make, plus other great content to share in your networks

In my weekly newsletter, Pay it Forward, I am curating great content for business professionals to share in their social networks.

This week’s finds include:

Top 10 financial mistakes young people make

From misunderstanding credit card fees to opening joint bank accounts, posts that target young people’s financial mistakes makes a good cover for adults that want to tune up their personal finances. (Financial Post)

Visual history of the S&P 500

Take a walk down memory lane and remember which ten companies were the most valuable in each year going back to 1980 in this cool interactive infographic. (ETFdb)

How to build recurring revenue: a key to a valuable business

Stable, recurring revenue increases the value of your business in the mind of a potential buyer. (Divestopedia)

Why Richard Branson gave $400,000 to an 18 year-old

Great story about smart young entrepreneurs who did what it takes to get noticed by an investor. It’s not only who you know, but who you have the chutzpah to get to know. (AMEX Open Forum)

The Jews who wrote Christmas songs

You’ll be surprised how many popular Christmas songs were penned by Jews in this 2011 edition of a killer post. (Interfaith Family)

5 things you’re guilty of that make you spend more

Similar to the way a larger plate makes you eat more, a larger shopping cart makes you buy more. Avoiding this and other habits that affect spending. (Golden Girl Finance)

10 things you can learn from the Apple store

No matter what business you’re in, Apple’s remarkable way of doing business has lessons for you.

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