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Focus on your ideal clients

Maria Marsala has made a great case for financial advisors focusing their business efforts on their “ideal” clients.

The definition of the ideal client is going to be different for everyone, but the results are going to be similar. This is because when client and advisor are in sync and fully engaged, everything works better.

While Marsala lists 10 reasons to focus on ideal clients, the benefits can be reduced down to three basic ones that apply to almost any practice professional:

1. More efficient marketing — By focusing on the ideal client profile, your marketing and outreach work can become more targeted and more effective.

2. More referrals — When you are more focused and effective with your clients and when you engage them and demonstrate your true value to them, they will refer more ideal business to you.

3. More job satisfaction — When you align your interests with those of your clients, everyone is happier: you and your clients.

Read Maria Marsala’s full article here: 10 reasons for advisors to just say no to less-than-ideal clients.

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