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What’s the real message behind Google not eating their own dog food?

Mashable’s Ben Parr makes a good case for why Google senior execs should be using Google+ and points to the huge question mark that their absence on the platform raises.

At the same time, this observation speaks to a fundamental problem that Google+ has – it’s target users are already significantly time-challenged. Google’s internal adoption rate of Google+ is probably not that much different that many other companies of comparable size. Senior execs just don’t have oodles of time to be sharing stuff on Google+ – no matter who they work for. If they are socially engaged, they’re probably already blogging and using Twitter and LinkedIn. Presumably, these folks need to spend another 20-30 minutes a day on Google+ to prove their commitment to social.

I get the eat your own dog food concept, but there’s a bigger issue here for Google+ and it has to do with the scarcest resources out there: time and attention.

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