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Why Ben Zander makes my eyes shine

Benjamin Zander is a conductor, a teacher and a speaker on the art of possibility, among other things. It is also easy to imagine him as a visionary leader, a social transformer, a loving family man, and a beloved work colleague.

His recent TED talk (embedded below) has opened my mind and caused light to shine out of my eyes. This may sound a bit, well, almost creepy, but I assure you it’s not. At first, I was at a loss for words to describe the inspiration I feel watching him connect music, passion and vision to leadership, parenthood and making a difference in this world.

But now I think I know why. Ben Zander is a gifted communicator who uses music – the universal language of the soul – to sneak past our gatekeeper minds and seize our hearts. His enthusiasm for people and inspiring in them new possibility is infectious.

Take some time out of your crazy day and just watch and listen. Pay some attention and see how it affects you.

Like my body,  my imagination needs to be stretched every day. How about yours?

(Thanks to Randy B for sharing this video with me.)


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