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6 easy ways to protect your online identity even if you’re not into social media

For whatever reason, you DON’T want to get into social media now.

Maybe you don’t have the time. Maybe you’re not sure what to say or do. Maybe you think it’s not that important for the type of business you’re in.


I’m not trying to change your mind here.

But…if you do change your mind in a year or two or five – and decide to get involved in social media – here are a bunch of cheap and easy things you’ll wish you’d done earlier. Like, in retrospect, today.

1. Register YOUR NAME as a domain – One day, you may want to use and/or (if you’re in Canada) . Domain registrar fees are very inexpensive and you don’t need to host a blog or website – just stake your claim on the domain names you might want to be yours one day.

2. Stake your claim on top-tier social media sites – While we’re talking about staking claims, you should register your account name (Your Name) on the top-tier social media sites – for example TwitterLinkedIn,YouTube, and Facebook – before someone else does.

3. Join the Google world – The future of social will involve Google – one way or another. Get a Gmail account that reflects your name and/or business name.  Make sure your business has a Google Places profile. Stake your claim now.

4. Protect your curatorial identity – Sharing good content online is an increasingly effective way to build your personal brand. Content sharing sites – such as TumblrPosterousStumbleUponDiggReddit, etc. – are another category of social media tools on which you’d be strongly advised to set up an account – even if you do nothing with it except protect it for possible future use. While you’re at it, you might as well pick up – not that I would recommend that you use it, but just to have it.

5. Know your influence – Rapidly becoming business prerequisites, influence scoring sites like Klout and PeerIndex use your other social media identities to do their measurements. However, EmpireAvenue allows you to select an actual “trading symbol” to represent your personal/professional brand in this influence scoring site built on a stock trading model.

6. There’s only one YOU – But there are literally hundreds of social media sites vying for relevance and one day you might want to use some of them. Services such as Knowem and others are springing up to help you protect your brand identity on these budding social media sites.

If you’ve arrived at the end of this list, that’s good – it shows you’re interested enough in this stuff to do something about it.

If you’re the type of person to own insurance and have been known to hedge your bets, that’s also good – it means that you understand what I’m talking about here.

If you have no idea how to do half the things I’ve recommended, that’s easy to fix – just email me and I’ll help take care of it for you.


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