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Five reasons VCs are throwing money at social

What I love about these reasons is that they apply – not just venture capitalists with money to invest – but to all kinds of people who are engaging with the social technology revolution.

  1. Anything that revolutionizes communications revolutionizes everything.
  2. It isn’t about the technology rather it is about people who create innovation with the technology which disrupts old business models and markets.
  3. Money follows money but smart money collects most of the money.
  4. All things social represent rich data pools which lead to information, knowledge and wisdom about people’s intent and desires. Intents and desires represent money to be collected. It represents a revolution in knowledge.
  5. The revolution has just begun. Revolutions represent a shift in power, money, influence and market dynamics. No one with money wants to be left out of this revolution. Yet many who throw money at social opportunities without  knowledge will end up loosing their investment due to their lack of wisdom and understanding of what true value rest in all things social.


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