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Here’s why Jim Marous is a top fintech influencer

If you’re interested in financial technology (fintech) and how it is transforming financial services and the banking industry, you’ve probably come across Jim Marous. He’s currently co-publisher of the online publication The Financial Brand and a veteran of the financial services industry. If there’s a list of the most influential voices in fintech (and there are […]

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6 tips for business leaders that are new to social networking

If you’re a latecomer to social networking and want to leverage these tools for your business, I have some news for you. Building online influence is hard work. It takes time and persistence. No matter how experienced you are as business leader, if you’re new to social networks and the etiquette associated with their use […]

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How one advisor uses social media to build her community and business

Financial professionals and firms are increasingly trying to figure out how to leverage social media to support their business objectives. But many of them are going about it all wrong. In their quest for a social media strategy that supports their business objectives, many firms and advisors focus too much on compliance and marketing messages […]

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