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5 easy steps to content curation and personal brand building

Content curation is one of the most important online activities you can undertake to promote your personal brand. Online marketers are increasingly using content marketing and curation instead of traditional advertising because it works and it’s cost-effective. Education is the new marketing. Content curation is simply the act of filtering, organizing and sharing high-quality online […]

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9 strategies CEOs, executives and professionals can use to grow their Twitter influence

As part of my social media consulting practice, I train CEOs, senior executives and practice professionals about developing their personal brand online. And I almost always start with Twitter. From the outside, Twitter may look like a lot of people talking about frivolous things like what they ate for lunch or the local weather. Even […]

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Finding your creative voice is key to success

Austin Kleon has written a magnificent manifesto to creativity and happiness. Full of wisdom and insight, there are lessons here for everyone – old and young, accomplished professionals and those just starting out. On advice givers: “All advice is autobiographical. When people give you advice, they’re just talking to themselves in the past.” On making […]

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