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9 strategies CEOs, executives and professionals can use to grow their Twitter influence

As part of my social media consulting practice, I train CEOs, senior executives and practice professionals about developing their personal brand online. And I almost always start with Twitter. From the outside, Twitter may look like a lot of people talking about frivolous things like what they ate for lunch or the local weather. Even […]

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Finding your creative voice is key to success

Austin Kleon has written a magnificent manifesto to creativity and happiness. Full of wisdom and insight, there are lessons here for everyone – old and young, accomplished professionals and those just starting out. On advice givers: “All advice is autobiographical. When people give you advice, they’re just talking to themselves in the past.” On making […]

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Captive consumers are bad for goodwill

What is it with malls and high-end hotels who still want you to pay exorbitantly for wifi access? So, I’m at the West Edmonton Mall (WEM) today thinking I can get some work done at Starbucks before my Apple Genius Bar appointment. But WEM charges almost $9 for 3 hours of wifi access. They’ve even forbidden Starbucks […]

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