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Curate to be relevant, visible and helpful

Very good overview of how to use curated content as part of your content strategy in this article on the Hootsuite site. I’ve written a few pieces on how to curate content and why I think it’s so important. But really, is “saving time” the best argument for curating content? No. Not even close. Good curation […]

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How to curate great content

For the past couple of years, I have been honoured to participate in Implement Now, a virtual summit that brings together thought leaders and subject matter experts across a wide range of practice management areas. This article provides additional details and links for my 2016 discussion with summit organizer Kristin Harad on the topic of […]

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6 reasons why curation should be the foundation of your social strategy

Back in March 2015, Kristin Harad invited me to talk about content curation for financial professionals as part of the Implement Now practice management virtual summit. We had a great discussion about content curation and the importance of finding and sharing great content as part of one’s corporate and personal brand building activities. As Kristin and I discussed the six compelling reasons to […]

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