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My goal is to teach you how to fish – not to fish for you.

Every solution is tailored to not only to achieve your objectives, but also to transfer my knowledge to you and your team and increase your capacity to do social business now and in the future.

You need a social strategy.

chess-iconEngaging in social media without a strategy is like  having a map and compass but no destination. You can’t expect to arrive without a clear sense of where you are and where you want to go.

I help your business:

  • Develop a coherent social media strategy and the operational policies and procedures required to support it.
  • Create a detailed tactical plan to guide you in implementing your strategy.
  • Monitor and measure progress in achieving your goals and objectives.

Content marketing is essential.

clipboard-iconSocial media has turned every business into a publisher. A steady flow of content that engages and helps your customers is critical to any social strategy. Educating is the new marketing.

I help your team:

  • Develop and manage an editorial calendar and oversee your content marketing efforts.
  • Assist in the creation of compelling and shareable content for your business.
  • Find and curate amazing content that is consistent with your brand and supports your value proposition.

Elite performers are coached.

coached3-iconSocial networks are evolving quickly giving rise to new rules of online engagement and etiquette. Your executive team and other elite performers in your organization need to stay on top of their social game.

I provide:

  • Custom-tailored social media education programs to support your team’s objectives.
  • Personalized coaching to support business leaders in building their personal brands online.
  • Training in the strategic use of key social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to build social capital.

Social business is intelligent.

intelligence2-iconIn any conversation, listening is as important – if not more – than anything you will ever say. Clients and influencers are talking about all kinds of things that can help you improve your business – if you’re listening.

I can help you and your company:

  • Identify strategic online influencers in your space and ways to approach them.
  • Analyze your competitors and how they are using social media effectively.
  • Track and monitor your social engagement data and interpret results.

Contact me and let’s talk about what help you need.