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Social customers are in the driver’s seat

This article – about the impact of the social customer on a hospitality business, be it a hotel, restaurant, or bar – is spot on. We’re basically at a place where you can’t afford to have a verbal person have a bad experience on your property. – Randi Zuckerberg, speaking at Hospitality Industry Technology Educational Conference in […]

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Pay your attention forward

Pay attention. Yes, I’m asking you to reach into your deep pockets of time and consciousness and “pay” me some of your attention. This expression is drilled into us by parents and teachers from the earliest days of conscious thought. Yet, almost because of this familiarity, it is easy to overlook its profound meaning and […]

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PeerIndex stands up well to Klout

Alex Braunstein has done a nice bit of analysis on the the practical efficacy of the leading influence scoring sites Klout, PeerIndex and TwitterGrader. It’s early days in this space and the leading players are all jockeying for position. What I find interesting is the absence of Empire Avenue, the stock-based influence site, which by […]

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