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Hire me

Hire me as a consultant/coach or a speaker for your next event. Or to help you plan and execute a content strategy and/or create a WordPress site.

whyWith many qualified social business consultants out there for you to choose from, why choose to work with me?

Here are a few reasons:

1. What are your goals? – Effective social networking is a means to an end, not an end in itself. We must always start with what you want to accomplish in your business or organization, then map out a social strategy for getting there.

2. Teach you to fish – You don’t hire me to catch fish for you. You hire me to help you and your organization develop your own skill and capacity to catch fish.

3. I work for your referral – Everything I do is focused on delivering value to your business or organization, because I believe that my success will be a product of your success.

4. Practice what I preach – Every tactic that I advise you to employ, I use myself. My insights as a social strategist, a content marketer and curator, a coach and trainer are informed by my own social networking learning process.

5. Over 20 years of diverse experience – I started using email in the late-80s, started a web development company in the mid-90s, and published my first blog in 2003. I’ve been doing digital marketing and PR for over 20 years in the public interest, technology and financial services sectors.

6. Consistent and reliable – Trust is built on a foundation of dependability. I do what I say I’ll do and get the job done right.

7. Hire me and you get me – I won’t sell you a plan then assign a less-qualified resource to deliver. When you hire me, you get me driving the strategy for you and your team.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s take it to the next level. Let’s talk!