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What 4 real success stories can teach us about social selling in financial services

If you are not an active participant in social networks, it can be difficult to imagine how social engagement and online networking leads to actual business opportunities. Yet, there are financial professionals out there that have embraced social selling and are having real success driving business development with it. I asked some of these advisors […]

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21 powerful LinkedIn lessons from my first 500 contacts

LinkedIn is emerging as the premier social network for business professionals, among all of the major social networks. Most business professionals that I encounter have a profile on LinkedIn, though far fewer have a clear sense of what they can accomplish with it. Don’t mistake LinkedIn as merely an online resume and recruiting site. It […]

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The rise of the social salesperson

Communication has changed selling and the way we sell for years. Mail ended the carnival pitchman and catalogues were created. The phone put an end to the door-to-door sales, and cold calling was born. Now, social media is changing communication and how sales are made – yet again.

Today, buyers spend far more time researching and moving through the buying process before they engage vendors. Much of the buyer’s journey leverages social media. Social selling allows sales people to engage buyers much earlier in their journey.
Mark Fidelman

The cold call is dying and being replaced with warm relationship building in social networks. This has massive implications for every type of relationship-selling business from financial advice and product sales to consulting services and virtually every B2B company. Read Mark Fidelman’s full article on Forbes: The Rise of Social Salespeople.

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