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Here’s why Jim Marous is a top fintech influencer

If you’re interested in financial technology (fintech) and how it is transforming financial services and the banking industry, you’ve probably come across Jim Marous. He’s currently co-publisher of the online publication The Financial Brand and a veteran of the financial services industry. If there’s a list of the most influential voices in fintech (and there are […]

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Fintech influencers you should be following in 2017

Fintech influencers you should be following in 2017

The financial services industry around the globe is undergoing a disruptive, digital transformation and these 100 fintech influencers are at the centre of a growing online community informing these changes. The fintech influencers listed below consist of experts, analysts and consultants, investors and venture capitalists, journalists and bloggers. They are included in this list, as Chris Ghedhill points out, […]

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Curate to be relevant, visible and helpful

Very good overview of how to use curated content as part of your content strategy in this article on the Hootsuite site. I’ve written a few pieces on how to curate content and why I think it’s so important. But really, is “saving time” the best argument for curating content? No. Not even close. Good curation […]

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250 top blockchain influencers on Twitter

We may look back on 2016 as the year of the blockchain. Whether or not that comes to be, the blockchain discussion is breaking out of digital currency circles into a broader discussion of how to reinvent banking, secure online identities and a whole host of other fascinating applications. To compliment my list of #fintech […]

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