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7 easy steps to implementing a DIY social plan for yourself and your firm

Virtually every professional services business has some clients and prospects that are active in the social space and each of these individuals is a gateway to another network. Any business without a social strategy for engaging these socially active clients is taking a risk. You’re taking for granted the loyalty of these clients and forfeiting opportunities in the online space to translate that loyalty into engagement and referrals.

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Online community building strategies – Presentation at SPRA 2011

I was recently invited to speak to the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association’s annual conference in Saskatoon. It was my first ever trip to the province and, as luck would have it, less than a week later I visited Regina to make another presentation. By all accounts, the province of Saskatchewan is a lovely place […]

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What’s the real message behind Google not eating their own dog food?

Mashable’s Ben Parr makes a good case for why Google senior execs should be using Google+ and points to the huge question mark that their absence on the platform raises. At the same time, this observation speaks to a fundamental problem that Google+ has – it’s target users are already significantly time-challenged. Google’s internal adoption rate of […]

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