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Here’s why Jim Marous is a top fintech influencer

If you’re interested in financial technology (fintech) and how it is transforming financial services and the banking industry, you’ve probably come across Jim Marous. He’s currently co-publisher of the online publication The Financial Brand and a veteran of the financial services industry. If there’s a list of the most influential voices in fintech (and there are […]

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New Rules of Engagement with Augie Ray

Online social networks are changing how businesses and their leaders communicate and leverage their most valuable asset: their relationships. In this series of articles, entitled New Rules of Engagement, I profile a business leader that I have observed to be using social networks actively and effectively in their leadership role. This week, I talk with […]

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Tips for optimizing your content publishing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently introduced an important new feature: long-form publishing. Now, all account holders (paid and free) can publish articles on LinkedIn. Empowering users to publish their content on the LinkedIn site is part of a broad strategy to position the business networking site at the centre of news and information distribution. LinkedIn’s Pulse news service […]

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The most important thing(s) to do if you want blogging success

Blogging in the financial service space is coming of age and has been the focus of some considerable attention lately. One of the foremost thought leaders in blogging for financial professionals, Stephanie Sammons of Wired Advisor, wrote a great post focusing in on THE reason that blogs and bloggers fail in her experience. The answer? […]

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