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About me

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me.

I’m a passionate student of the web and social media. I love watching my clients’ eyes light up when I show them how they can leverage social media to promote their businesses

I tend to be a broad-minded strategic thinker, but I can also go deep on a variety of topics.

And did I mention that I love what I do?

So, how’d I get here?

My path to this point in life has wound its way through many twists and turns.

It all started with a degree in philosophy from Western University in London (then called the University of Western Ontario) and a subsequent stint in ecological advocacy with Greenpeace, before starting and then selling a web and new media development company in the 1990s.

That led to a role in technology management with a feisty start-up in retail payment processing called Givex. I gained much valuable experience in that role from business operations, to product development and client services. But in the end I realized that I didn’t really enjoy being a point-of-sale technology supplier to busy retailers during the Christmas season. Never get between a hungry bear and their dinner.

So, I changed directions and got into financial services. At first, I was developing learning materials and content for large insurance companies. Eventually, I got my license and worked as a producer.

When my family moved out west to Alberta in 2009 (see Newish in Edmonton), I took the opportunity to launch a new business as a social media consultant. I had learned much about the financial services business, but I didn’t want to be a producing insurance advisor. I’ve always been an effective marketer, though more of the guerrilla type, and loved working on the web. Social media seemed to be a perfect way to combine the things I loved doing the most and knew the best.

Here’s what I (try to) do for my clients

I help people find their digital voices, articulate their personal brands and build engagement within their online networks. I am passionate about the power of personal brand and content curation in the economy of influence.

Here’s some of the services and solutions I provide.

Due to my recent background, I do a lot of work in the financial services space, working with advisors, professionals and their firms.

But the strategies I employ are widely applicable and I will work with anyone who wishes to use social media tools and strategies to engage and add value in their space.

Here’s what a do when I’m not working

I’ve tried to build my personal life and work around each other. I work from my home office which affords me enormous flexibility to schedule life and work so that I get what I need out of both. My clients win, my family wins and therefore I win.

My role in our family’s day-to-day life is more akin to the traditional “caregiver” mother’s role than the “provider” father’s — and that’s just the way we like it. I write about how that works on my other blog Homemade Dad.

In between working and parenting, I love riding my bike in the local river valley, listening to (and sometimes making) music and creating digital stuff.

I’m always open to new ideas and people.

Reach out and connect, or ask me a question via a comment below.