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Helping is the new selling

The following story is both real and symbolic of the concept of “social selling”.

A salesperson called on a prospect who had recently moved to the city with his family. During the meeting, the prospect seemed distracted and not focused on the proposal or what the salesperson was saying.

Towards the end of the meeting, the salesperson asked how the move was going and the prospect revealed that he was having trouble finding a place for his young son to play soccer.

After leaving the meeting, the salesperson called a few friends and connected the prospect to some people in the local soccer association.

A couple of weeks later, the salesperson followed up with the prospect to see how the soccer connection had worked out. The prospect was much more relaxed: his child was registered for soccer and the transition to the new city was feeling much better.

And by the way, the prospect told the salesperson, I’ve looked at your proposal and we’re ready to work with you.

Social networks create a myriad of opportunities to help people. Seize these opportunities because helping is the new selling.

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