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Think and grow your social capital

I went to the Meet the Teacher night at my kids’ school last night.

On the classroom wall, I found this poster urging me to THINK before I spoke:

It occurred to me that this poster captured the essence of how to behave in order to build trust, add value and generally accrue social capital online. 

(See “How to build a personal brand strategy and communications plan“)

Is it true?

Is what you are about to Tweet or share in your social networks really true? Not just true as in factually correct, but true to you and your mission.

Is it helpful?

Helping is one of the most constructive ways to engage because it’s most likely to create a win-win situation. Not only does the person getting helped benefit, but the person giving the help creates favourable conditions for reciprocation.

Is it inspiring?

When you sit down to write a blog post or plan a presentation, are you thinking about how you can inspire new thinking and behaviour? Strive to touch people’s hearts and move them to action.

Is it necessary?

This is a tough one, but you need to ask yourself: Does what you are about to say really need to be said? Don’t just do things by rote or for the appearance of being busy. Find a way of doing it so it’s more essential.

Is it kind?

Kindness is one of those defining human traits that attracts people to you. If you can’t speak kindly in your social networks, maybe you should consider saying nothing at all.

What do you think – how great would it be if we lived among a community governed by such thoughtfulness?

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