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43 proven content shares that will help you start conversations in your social networks

Content curation is a great way to build credibility and share your expertise with your followers. For this reason, it’s important to focus on what you know really well, which is typically what you do professionally.

But social networks are also social. Your clients want you to know your stuff, but they also want to know you, like you and trust you. And that has little to do with what you do for a living and everything to do with who you are as a person.

Finding and sharing interesting content is a great way to strike up conversations in your social networks. It’s also a great way to show your personality.

The biggest challenge with curating great content is that it takes time. So I’ve stepped in to help you.

I went back and reviewed some of the most popular content I’ve shared in the past few months and compiled this list of posts for you to share in your networks. Everything here is “evergreen” which means it’s not linked to an event or at risk of becoming stale-dated anytime soon.

Try sharing some of this content in your networks and let me know what works well for you.

Social media

Stop acting like a corporation in social and learn to talk human (Pam Moore) – “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” How to build a social business culture inside and outside your organization.

Dominate your media competitors through content marketing (Content Marketing Institute) – Every business is now a publisher, which means your competitors aren’t who they used to be.

Six reasons why your business needs to curate content (Globe and Mail) – Sharing good content is a value creation activity in an information overloaded world.

30 pieces of social media advice that are genuinely terrible (Hubspot) – Avoid these at all costs.

10 annoying social media behaviors (PR Daily) – Avoid these too.

The death of SEO and the rise of social, PR, and real content – Stop trying to game the system and just create and curate great content.

64 brilliant Google+ content strategies (Copyblogger) – These really are clever and helpful for building your content marketing strategy.

7 blogging mistakes #B2B marketers make (B2B Digital) – If your business blogs, be mindful NOT to do these things.

Fight for your ideas (Copyblogger) – Nothing I can write will describe this piece adequately.


Which best practice is ruining your business? (Harvard Business Review) – How can you gain competitive advantage in any business if you’re following the crowd with “best practices”?

14 things successful people do on weekends (Forbes) – Don’t get stuck doing chores. Take time to live and recharge.

Why being kind is more important than being right – “The cost of unkindness to yourself or others is huge.”

10 things really amazing employees do (Inc) – Got any employees like this? Grab on and hold them tight and never let them go. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Great innovators, like Picasso & Kepler, are expert generalists who are open to new experiences – Open your mind to innovation.

Robert Scoble on what separates the top 10% of startup CEOs from the rest – Many of these traits work for any CEO or senior business leader.

Embracing your “onlyness” is key to unlocking your “kick-ass” value – Nilofer Merchant speaks at TEDx on the power of social culture in business.

Women biz leaders score higher than men, even in some traits long thought to be male strengths – If you have women as clients, or want to have women as clients, talk about women.

Women business leaders are using social media to grow their businesses – An inspiring collection of stories about Silicon Valley women using Twitter to grow their businesses.

Why it’s important to lose your mind – At least twice a year 😉

6 habits of remarkably likeable people – Are you using these habits?


Keep investing simple (Barry Ritholtz) – The last investing article you’ll ever need to read.

The 5 stages of retirement planning angst (New York Times) – Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

Robert Shiller destroys the idea of investing in a home (Business Insider) – This will make you think very differently about home ownership as an investment.

Top 10 financial mistakes young people make (Financial Post) – Pay it forward and share this with a young person you know. Or share it with someone who has a young person in their life.

The 23 best things Warren Buffet ever said about investing (Business Insider) – Easier said than done.


8 cardinal rules of working with a headhunter – Respect your recruiter.

5 ways you can train your brain to become more positive, more productive and just plain happier – This is a MUST SEE video. How lame are you if you won’t even watch the video about changing your life?

Richard Branson on the art of public speaking (Entrepreneur) – “There are only two types of speakers in the world: 1) the nervous and 2) liars.” ~ Mark Twain

Not an entrepreneur? Be an “entre-ployee” – 10 reasons you have to quit your job, according to James Altucher.

Are you making the biggest public speaking mistake possible? – Not speaking. That’s the biggest mistake to avoid.

Why extroverts fail, introverts flounder and “ambiverts” probably succeed (Washington Post) – Daniel Pink is very smart. Share this with all your “ambivert” friends.

Ask your prospects the most important question, then shut up and listen – Do you know the process by which your prospect showed up at your door? And I’m not talking about how YOU got the lead.

What doesn’t kill you… makes you an entrepreneur?

The start-up of YOU (Slideshare) – An excellent visual summary of LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman’s book about the realities of 21st century careers and personal branding.


When I was your age…: Or, what is it with kids these days? (Scientific American)

6 princess books for parents who really, really hate princesses (Good Men Project)


Social media explained with coffee – Great infographic to explain the confusing world of social networks.

How good is your brand’s colour? – What a cool infographic for any business.

How to get Retweeted – An instructive infographic summary of the main tips and tricks to know.

Lighter side

91% of people use one of the top 1000 passwords – This is funny, only insofar as it shows how stupid we are about computers sometimes. Do you know how long it takes a hacker to test for the 100 most common passwords?

These are some tearable puns – Smiling is under-rated. Share things that make you smile. This made me smile.

How to get free business class airline upgrades everytime – An instructional short video for frequent fliers.

Try some desk yoga to improve your posture – We weren’t built for sitting all day. So, stretch. (And floss too.)

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