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The diminishing value of your website

If you have a website and think it’s important to your online presence, well you are right. But every day, you become less right.

That’s because your website is not what it used to be. People used to see your brochure or business card, then open their browser and type in your website address. Today, they are more likely to open their browser, go to Google and search for your website by name. And if they use Google’s Chrome browser, they just have to enter their search terms in the address window and the Google search engine does the work.

many other excellent reasons to use WordPress. Why would you even have a brochure website? Well, you may want a base for your online information – a place where your product/service and organizational details can be found and where people can contact you. You may even want to pay an old-fashioned web developer to build a fancy and expensive Flash website for you.

Even so, it won’t do anything for you if you are not creating a network for your content.

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