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It would be a better story of it involved fire, or motorcycles or saving a bus load of children. Instead, all I’ve got is this: I was out walking my cute 5 lbs. toy poodle on a relatively mild Calgary evening when I stepped on an ice patch and went down with an awful sounding crack […]

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Edmonton’s top social media influencers

I lived in Edmonton from 2009 to 2014 and, during that time, I grew quite fond of the city, its warm communities and friendly people. I immersed myself into the digital life of Edmonton and got to know many of the people on this list, some IRL and many through our online interactions. Yeah, I miss these people Now, […]

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An updated list of Calgary’s most followed social media people with the potential to influence you

Last week, I published a list of 100 social media influencers in Calgary and it sparked some insightful discussion. The post was widely shared and it generated the typical “thanks for including me” and “great to be among such great people” comments. It also generated its fair share of criticism, some of which was merited. I […]

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