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Three words for 2015

Each year, Chris Brogan eschews new year’s resolutions and instead picks three words at the beginning of the year and uses them as themes to guide his actions through the year. You can see Chris’ 3 words for 2015 and previous years here. (And if you don’t know Chris’ work, you may want to read […]

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66% of advisors gained clients from social media

The number of financial advisors who are gaining new clients through social media is growing, according to a new survey by Putnam. Sixty-six percent of advisors reported they gained clients from social media, as compared to 49 percent reporting client gains last year. And the average asset gain from social media was $5.5 million. Just imagine what […]

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Six ways to succeed at social selling

Like it or not, we’re all in sales now. Whether you’re a full-time sales person or a “non-sales seller”, as Daniel Pink says: “we’re all in sales now.” Simultaneously, we are also all getting onto social networks in droves. The problem is, traditional selling methods and tactics don’t work well in the new, virtual spaces […]

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