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66% of advisors gained clients from social media

The number of financial advisors who are gaining new clients through social media is growing, according to a new survey by Putnam. Sixty-six percent of advisors reported they gained clients from social media, as compared to 49 percent reporting client gains last year. And the average asset gain from social media was $5.5 million. Just imagine what […]

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“Most SEO is bullshit”

In our opinion, most search engine optimization (SEO) is bullshit. There are 3,000 computer science PhDs at Google trying to make each search relevant, and then there’s you trying to fool them. Who’s going to win? Tricking Google is futile. Instead, you should let Google do what it does best: find great content. So defy all the SEO witchcraft out there and focus on creating, curating, and sharing great content. This is what’s called SMO: social-media optimization.
Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

In a killer article on the art of aggressive content sharing, curation master Guy Kawasaki along with his trusty lieutenant Peg Fitzpatrick make a compelling case for bold, generous and frequent sharing of content in social networks. Well worth the read.

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Building a Social Media Brand in Financial Services – My Conversation with Tash Elwyn

I first became aware of Tash Elwyn early in 2014. He’s the president of the Raymond James & Associate’s Private Client Group. I was working on an article about business leaders that had embraced social networking in financial services when I came across this Wall Street Journal article and quote from Tash Elwyn: “Having a […]

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Tips for optimizing your content publishing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently introduced an important new feature: long-form publishing. Now, all account holders (paid and free) can publish articles on LinkedIn. Empowering users to publish their content on the LinkedIn site is part of a broad strategy to position the business networking site at the centre of news and information distribution. LinkedIn’s Pulse news service […]

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